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COVID-19 Vehicle Cab Staff Protection Partition

As increased staff numbers return to work, those who are vehicle users will not be in a position to be able to keep a social distance. Those who operate vehicles as 2 men operations require some form of cab split / separation screen.

The screen seen below has been designed and fitted into our fleet to afford our staff the social distance protection they require, therefore complying with Health & Safety and also negating future legal claims.

These can be supplied and fitted by our vehicle convertors or alternatively sold and distributed in kit form to allow for localised fitment

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KIT UPDATE (Cars, Vans, Truck)

The kits are designed to avoid damage to the vehicles existing trim work. To achieve this specific vehicles types will need to be delivered to FSL for proto-typing work to be carried out. Rapid proto-typing is available.

The bespoke design will not interfere with the vehicle's safety features or operational controls of the vehicle.

Once the kit has been designed, they can either be fitted by an FSL engineer or by your own localised engineers. The installation time per kit will be just 1 hour.

There is a UK shortage of Perspex and as such lead times are going to increase. FSL has secured a substantial delivery of Perspex due in early June for which orders are currently being taken. There is a possibility that lead times will increase. The provisional cost for the kits will be £238.58 per vehicle plus fitting, VAT and delivery.

Additional information

Questions have been raised in relation to any potential legal requirements there are relating to the fitment of the partitions and also any effect the partition may have on the vehicles structure and safety features.

The partition is classed as a body panel and is not subject to any of the VCA requirements in relation to section 45 safety glass. This is because it does not impinge on the view available to the driver. The Perspex used has been tested to confirm that it has a visual transmission of light above 70%, which is the minimum figure allowed for items like tinted / darkened glass.

Care has been taken in the design to ensure that the driver still has use of any switches or controls that he needs to use. Type approval legislation does not cover aftermarket fitted products or accessories (VCA), therefore a Certificate of Conformity (COC) for the partition is not required.

The partition is fitted in such a way that it can be easily removed without any special tools.

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